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Community Banking Month 2024

Join Us All Month Long As We Celebrate Community Banking!

We are excited to be celebrating our 135th year as a Community Bank!

We have a lot going on this month, from our Small Business and Family Game Night Basket Giveaways to our sweet treats in the lobbies, beautiful flowers for all our customers and more! Be sure to stop into the branches to see everything we have going on and WHY Community Banking is so special!

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Are You Trying to Raise Your Credit? Now You Can Improve and Track your Progress with My Credit Score's Credit Goals.

Your credit score is an essential factor in your finances, and many variables go into calculating this three-digit score. Knowing what gets calculated and how will help you understand how to keep your credit score healthy in making the best decisions.

With My Credit Score, you can now create your own personalized Credit Goals. By selecting your desired credit score and a timeframe in which you want to achieve that goal, you will see recommendations and progress tracking to get you where you want to be.

To access Credit Goals on your desktop:

Log into your Community Savings Bank Account's Online Banking, in the bottom right, click on My Credit Score (or the Show View Report button underneath the My Credit Score logo), and then click on the Credit Goals tab.

To access Credit Goals on your mobile device:

Log into your CSB Online app, click on My Credit Score and then click on the Goals tab.

Two-Factor Authentication

Your CSB Online Banking Is Now Secured With Two-Factor Authentication

A strong password can help to keep your accounts and data safe, but in the event of a data breach, you'll want something more secure. Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to your personal information. More account protection = More peace of mind.

Starting Tuesday, February 21st, the next time you log into your CSB Online Banking, you'll be prompted to verify your account with two-factor authentication. This is a quick and simple process to verify your identity by providing a code you receive by text or phone call to a number you provide.

After authenticating on any device you regularly use (such as your laptop or cell phone), you won't be prompted to authenticate with a code as frequently. In most cases, you may only receive this request to log in with two-factor authentication again if you're trying to check your account on a different device, or if you're traveling.

If you have any other questions, or if you have any trouble receiving your authentication code in the future, don't hesitate to give us a call to help you out.

Digital Wallet

Introducing Digital Wallet:

Your CSB Debit Card Just Went Digital

Your Community Savings Bank debit card is now compatible with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay®.

Are you new to using a Digital Wallet?

Digital wallets are a way to store, use and pay with your cards directly from your smartphone or other smart device. They eliminate the need for you to carry and use your physical card, all while offering a fast, secure way to make purchases where accepted.

Now you can make payments with quickly and conveniently at checkout in stores, online and for in-app payments, all while never needing your physical CSB Debit card, using your Digital Wallet

Learn More About Digital Wallet

Broadcast Messages

Introducing: My Cards

We just released some powerful new tools to manage your CSB debit cards anytime, anywhere, in the most recent CSB Online App update. 

Using My Cards, you can:

  • Set card controls by location, merchant type, and spending limits.
  • View spending insights for a clear picture of when and where your purchases were made.
  • Receive transaction alerts, fight fraud, quickly reach support, and more!

Just make sure your app is up to date (version 21.3.50 or later), and simply tap My Cards inside of the CSB Online App to get started!

Learn More About My Cards

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Alerts

We now offer Broadcast Alerts through our online banking platform. These are offered through our current Alerts system. Once you have opted in, you will begin receiving text messages from the Bank with important updates. To make sure you receive these alerts, add your phone number under "Contact Options" and be sure to activate it. These alerts will be used to communicate important information regarding, power outages, weather-related information, and more. If you need help signing up for online banking or signing up for Alerts, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 513-734-4445.

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