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down home Christmas 2019

 DHC Open House 2019  DHC Tent 2019  DHC Parade 2019


Bethel Homecoming Parade 2019

 BTHS Homecoming 2019 2  BTHS Homecoming 2019 1  BTHS Homecoming 2019 3


Empower Youth Community Picnic 2019

EY Picnic 2019 1  EY Picnic 2019 2  EY Picnic 2019 3 
EY Picnic 2019 4   EY Picnic 2019 5 EY Picnic 2019 6 


Community Banking Month 2019

Community Banking Month 2019 1 Community Banking Month 2019 3 Community Banking Month 2019 2
Shred Day 2019 1 Shred Day 2019 3 Shred Day 2019 2


Reds Opening Day 2019

Opening Day Parade 2019 2 Opening Day Parade 2019 1 Opening Day Parade 2019 3


Down Home Christmas 2018

DHC Tent 2018  DHC Open House 2018 DHC Parade 2018


bethel homecoming parade 2018

Homecoming Parade 2018 1 Homecoming Parade 2018 2 Homecoming Parade 2018 3

greenfield business bash 2018

  Business Bash 2 2018 Business Bash 3 2018 Business Bash 1 2018 

 EMPOWER YOUTH community picnic 2018

  Empower Youth Picnic 2018 1 Empower Youth Picnic 2018 2 Empower Youth Picnic 2018 3 
Empower Youth Picnic 2018 4   Empower Youth Picnic 2018 5  Empower Youth Picnic 2018 6

greene countrie towne festival 2018

Greene Town Countrie Festival 2018 1   Greene Countrie Towne Festival 2018 3 Greene Countrie Town Festival 2018 2 

 community banking month 2018

Community Banking Month 2018 1   Community Banking Month 2018 2  Community Banking Month 2018 3
Shred Day 2018 1 Shred Day 2018 2 Shred Day 2018 3


Reds Opening Day 2018

Reds Opening Day 2018 2 Reds Opening Day 2018 1 Reds Opening Day 2018 3

down home christmas 2017

  DHC Open House DHC Parade DHC Tent 2017  

bethel homecoming parade 2017

Bethel Homecoming Parade 1 Bethel Homecoming Parade 3 Bethel Homecoming Parade 2

empower youth ribbon cutting ceremony

Empower Youth Ribbon Cutting 1  Empower Youth Ribbon Cutting 3 Empower Youth Ribbon Cutting 2
Empower Youth Ribbon Cutting 4 Empower Youth Ribbon Cutting 6 Empower Youth Ribbon Cutting 5

wealth, health, and happiness seminar 

Women's Event 1 Women's Event 3 Women's Event 2

Antique machinery show

Antique Machinery1 Antique Machinery2 Antique Machinery3

125th Anniversary Celebration

125th Anniversary1 125th Anniversary2 125th Anniversary3 125th Anniversary4 125th Anniversary5 125th Anniversary6

Greenfield customer appreciation cookout

Greenfield CA Cookout1 Greenfield CA Cookout2 Greenfield CA Cookout3

Community Savings Bank was one of ten local businesses to buy a limited edition print at the Greene Countrie Town Rotary Auction. The print was by local artist Tammy Wells and featured the Edward Lee McClain High School, which is celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2015. All money raised at the auction is used by local Rotarians to fund the Greenfield Recreation Center and Assist in the needs of the community. The Auction was very successful, raising over $19,000.00.

Greene Towne

Community Savings Bank was recently honored at the Partnership Celebration for the Chamber of Commerce Work Readiness Initiative. Congratulations to Community Savings Bank for being recognized for our work with the local schools.

Clermont Chamber Dinner


Bethel Historical Museum

Bethel Historical Museum located on the corner of Main and Plane Streets, is one of the best in Clermont County! This is truly one of the gems of our community with rooms full of local history and items on display. Be sure to check out the Military Room with artifacts dating back to the Civil War involving our local servicemen. The museum is open the first and third Saturday of every month from 1-4pm or upon request by calling 734-6435. Group Tours can be scheduled and the museum is now accepting new members! Meetings are the third Wednesday of each month, 7pm, at the museum.


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